Event Highlight: Agricultural Marketing Information Systems

In the fall, we welcomed a delegation of Indian agricultural economists and research scientists for a project on “Agricultural Marketing Information Systems.” While they engaged in policy discussions with key stakeholders, an extraordinary experience awaited them outside the conference room.

Notably, our guests had missed visiting a farm during their national tour, an itinerary item that would usually be standard for agricultural exchanges. California, renowned as the world’s largest almond producer, ultimately provided a fitting backdrop for the unique experience. With the gracious support of our board member, Ms. Heidi Steinecker, whose family owns the almond ranch, Harbinson Ranch LLC, we were able to arrange a visit that left a lasting impression.

During their tour, our guests engaged in insightful discussions with experts from Blue Diamond Growers, exploring the intricate relationships between local suppliers and major distributors in California’s almond industry. They also observed the ranch’s harvesting techniques, learned about the growing process and business practices, and enjoyed a comprehensive tour, including a memorable tractor ride through the almond orchards.

“Harbinson Ranch owners were ecstatic to be able to share lessons learned and sustainable practices in agriculture with others around the world, in order to build global trade opportunities and help other nations create local, thriving businesses to feed their people.” – Ms. Heidi Steinecker

What’s even more exciting is that, after returning to India, one of the participants contacted Blue Diamond’s in-country representative to discuss how to grow and scale a local business or economic trade similarly in their region. This story exemplifies the enduring impact of our programs and their potential to foster international cooperation.

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