Become a Home Hospitality Host

Global Ties Sacramento implements various international exchange programs, such as the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), and regularly seeks local residents interested in hosting international professionals for one meal, or rarely, for overnight home stays. The success of our international exchange programs is due to our amazing Citizen Diplomats who open their homes to visitors, providing a welcoming window into life in the U.S. and creating lasting memories and connections. These Citizen Diplomats, called Home Hosts, know that nothing sets a table for mutual understanding better than sharing a meal.

“Leave your preconceived notions at the door. Prepare your home, prepare yourself as you would for any other guest. Just open yourself up to anything.”Brian Green, 2024

When? Seeking home hospitality hosts for 2024 for occasional home visits over a single meal.

Who? Small groups of international professionals from a variety of fields. Program topics and group sizes will be shared in advance.

Spoken languages: All visitors will have the ability to communicate with hosts in English, either through an interpreter or personal knowledge of the language.

Where? The Sacramento, California region.

What to expect: Global Ties Sacramento staff will send an email to vetted hosts announcing upcoming groups available for home hospitality. We will coordinate details with interested home hosts, such as dietary restrictions, timing, and transportation via rideshare. The visitors will arrive to your home to share a meal with you. Friendly conversations create a deeper appreciation of life’s commonalities and make an indelible impact, sometimes leading to long-term friendships. Similarly, hosts open themselves up to a rich, international exchange opportunity, getting to know the visitors.

Contact: If you are interested in hosting international delegations, have any questions, or would like to receive more information, please connect with us.